Earl J. Dodd

Earl J. Dodd started Ideas And Machines, Inc. in 2010 to humanize high performance computing (HPC) for existing supercomputing consumers and those emerging on the supercomputing scene. Earl is passionate about helping organizations achieve better results with supercomputing, cloud computing and 3D story worlds.

As a Supercomputing Strategist, HPC Coach and Professional Speaker, Earl advises industries and governments with their supercomputing needs. With 32 years of experience in supercomputing and high performance computing (HPC), and a strong ability to problem solve and formulate strategy, Earl has been helping companies and governments achieve the desired ROI by leveraging new computing technologies and business models. Earl’s technical focus is on strategy formulation for ultra-scale architectures and 3D collaboration environments leveraging the evolving cloud computing business model. These strategies will help drive the next generation of computationally-steered workflows, applications and decision support environments for situational awareness. Earl lives in Cypress Texas and travels the world turning unpredictability into creative possibilities.
Ideas And Machines, Inc. (IAM) — an information strategy consultancy — helps clients in the public and private sectors with supercomputing, high performance computing, cloud computing realization, and extreme data and real-time analytics. IAM identifies diverse, emerging and IT/ICT trends, weaves them together with proven business development practices and pivotal relationships, to create a collaborative supercomputing framework that produces lucrative outcomes.

Earl’s Resume
High Performance Computing Advisory Committee (HPCAC)
Society of HPC Professionals
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