Why Beacon for HPC?

Are you new to supercomputing (or HPC) and need the knowledge and guidance of an expert? Do you have a seasoned supercomputing environment yet need to future proof your investment? Do you have a specific, dynamic HPC concern that needs addressed quickly?

No matter where you land on this problem spectrum, Ideas And Machines leverages the HPC Beacon™ Framework to address these questions and guide you to a safe harbor.


You need: Crafted strategic plan for advanced computing
Our solution: HPC Floodlight
Examples include:

  • Future State Architecture & Design
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Cloud Evaluation & Migration

You need: Shaped solution for a tactical computing issue
Our solution: HPC Spotlight
Examples include:

  • Technology Landscape Review
  • Vendor & Product Review
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You need: Tailored support for a new business opportunity
Our solution: HPC Searchlight
Examples include:

  • New Market Development
  • New Product or Service Offering
  • Merger & Acquisition Evaluation

You need: Personalized skills for those new to supercomputing
Our solution: HPC Limelight
Examples include:

  • First 90 to 180 Days Action Planning
  • Culture & Conflict Resolution
  • Purpose with Passion Mentorship


HPC is becoming more affordable, accessible and ubiquitous. Supercomputing has the potential to enable innovation and discovery at a faster pace than ever before.

Are you ready for the speed of change?