Why HPC Matters

My role as a Supercomputing Strategist at Ideas And Machines is to highlight and deliver the extraordinary value that investments in computational simulation, modeling and visualization bring to every man, woman and child on our planet. To accomplish my mission, I personally strive to humanize high performance computing for the general public.

I work hard to convince, empower and delight the many, through a simplified explanation of Why HPC Matters, offering glimpses into supercomputing’s future for advanced technology leadership, innovation, engineering, manufacturing and security.

“We believe that to out-compete, we must out-compute,” said Deborah Wince-Smith, president of the Council on Competitiveness. Deborah is spot on! And I am proud to be part of the Council’s HPC Advisory Committee helping increase global competitiveness while maintaining safety and security through the transformational use of advanced computing with agile business methods.

The Agile Enterprise is at the “digital edge” embracing hyperconnectivity at hyperscale. Being at a tipping point, the agile enterprise is exploring entirely new applications of advanced computing and transformational services that positively optimizes and impacts our daily lives.

It is an exciting time for HPC. The next milestones in supercomputer are systems capable of mind-boggling computing power that are no longer the realm of science fiction. Therefore, my role is to personalize HPC and propel advanced computing for long-term productivity, innovation and competitiveness. The demand for supercomputing brilliance has never been greater…

Delivering Supercomputing Brilliance
The HPC BEACON™ Framework—a time-hardened business blueprint—can help align, navigate and complete your supercomputing strategy to reduce uncertainty and risk. This framework leverages a flexible and reliable structure with scalable tools and support throughout the HPC life cycle and its value chain.
Pain Points
The HPC BEACON Framework serves industry and government clients by addressing these computing, data and connectivity pain points.

  • Uncertain business strategy
  • Unpredictable business risks
  • Unaccounted technology trends
  • Unsuitable architecture or design
  • Unbalanced component selection
  • Unprepared leadership team
  • Untrained technical staffers
  • Unsatisfying performance

Engagement Benefits
The HPC BEACON Framework guides and incorporates critical information through the on-boarding process and achieves the following benefits.

  • Higher productivity
  • Faster client acceptance
  • Greater client satisfaction
  • Balanced risk & cost profiles
  • Increased stakeholder acceptance
  • Sustained life cycle & best practices


Supercomputers are vital to economic, security, scientific and environmental initiatives. Ideas And Machines: Supercomputing Brilliance.