How the Agile Enterprise at the Digital Edge
is Embracing Hyperconnectivity at a Hyperscale

Digitization is giving rise to new business models as speed, scale and security complexity increases. Digitization is challenging the core tenets of the business. The digital powerhouse—an enterprise that embraces, explores, empowers and extols digital prowess and agility—is flexing their hyperconnectivity and hyperscale muscles to leverage digital disruption and upheaval from the massive technology and consumer changes underway.

The Agile Enterprise is ramping up its clarification of strategy, developing new and differentiated capabilities, and transforming their business and culture to integrate speed, scale and security. Digital leaders are leveraging Supercomputing (or high performance computing, HPC) at the digital edge by:

  • Aligning existing IT strategy with technical (super)computing strategy by wholeheartedly committing themselves to a clear, consistent, cohesive digital strategy.
  • Investing in relevant, scalable digital capabilities that are clearly aligned to the digital strategy.
  • Embracing and empowering a strong and adaptive culture that will quickly leverage the investments in technical capabilities and talent.
  • Nourishing their organizational structures, talent development, funding mechanisms and key performance indicators (KPIs) with an agile digital strategy


Business Performance Transformation and Optimization

Like any new business opportunity (or threat), business transformation, big data analytics and organizational optimization can under deliver on its potential without a clear digital strategy that includes well-articulated initiatives and benchmarks for success. Business Performance Transformation and Optimization (BPTO) focuses on new ways of working to improve a client’s speed, scale and security to insight—critical in today’s fast-moving business environment—so the client can quickly address change in the digitization age.

As complementary forces for BPTO, big data, compute and culture go hand-in-hand. In order to make sense of the data for the digital enterprise, one needs to compute on the data. There is a cycle in which data becomes information, then knowledge, then wisdom – and each of these steps requires an agile approach to speed, scale and security.